Welcome to the Mach 30 Drawing Board

Photo credit tecrekka, via Flickr
Photo credit tecrekka, via Flickr

The Mach 30 Drawing Board is a space to document and develop project ideas in support of open source spaceflight. Some of these ideas will be highly technical open source hardware projects, others will involve the arts and communications. Some ideas may be adopted as official projects of Mach 30, while others may be adopted by individuals or groups to develop on their own.

How to use the Drawing Board

Add an idea to the wiki

Simply click the '+' button next to "Pages and Files" on the upper left sidebar (you will need an account first) and write a short description of the idea. The new page will automatically show up in the navigation menu where others can find it. New ideas should focus on mission of Mach 30, including education programs, open source hardware projects (especially those related to engineering and spaceflight - be careful not to include technical details of spaceflight hardware to avoid any ITARviolations), projects which support the broader open source hardware community, and projects which promote of space exploration and the vision of becoming a spacefaring society.

Discuss and develop existing ideas

Each page has its own discussion forum. When you find an idea that interests you, go to the discussion tab at the top of the page and comment on the idea. Ask questions to help flesh out the idea. Give feedback on the idea. Find out how you can move the idea forward. You should also add to the idea's page itself based on the dialog on the discussion tab. Fix typos, expand the description, write up a plan or budget (as necessary), etc.

Adopt an idea and implement it

Some ideas will already have a champion who is leading the idea from concept to project to reality, But others will be left as a gift to the community, ready to be adopted by someone with the skill, time, and passion to make them real. If you find an idea that is a good fit for you to adopt, leave a note on the discussion tab saying so, and then roll up your sleeves and get started.

Welcome to the Open Source Spaceflight Revolution. Create your Drawing Board account and get started.

ad astra per civitatem - to the stars through community